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Auto parts & Car Accessories

The allparts search engine offers two methods of selecting accessories for your
car. Under the heading "Selected Accessories" you will find specific automotive
accessories that are designed for nominated makes and models. This category
includes things such as accessories for utes, publications including workshop
manuals, locking petrol caps, windscreen wiper blades, car radio antennas,
headlamp protectors, dashmats, floor mats, roof racks, and other accessory
products. The range includes premium brand auto accessories, from well known
suppliers and in many cases budget priced auto accessories are also offered as
comparison products. At the conclusion of each search, an image will be
displayed of the accessory product, and any known product details will also be
presented. The Search by Part Number routine does not discriminate between
parts and accessories, or car care and performance, and therefore can be used
for any automotive product where the part number is known. This is also true of
the "Search By Description" choice.

The heading "Generic Accessories" presents auto accessories that could be
described as universal, in that they can be used in conjunction with a wide range
of vehicles, if not all vehicles. This grouping includes automotive accessories
such as, Jumper Leads, Wheel Covers, Luggage Pods, 4 x 4 accessories, Gear
Knobs, Car Fridges, and Trailer accessories. Images, and when available,
product details are displayed for all accessory choices.

The accessories search also provides alternative products and these can be
viewed by selecting the "Comparison" button. On some occasions, the allparts
search will provide you with the correct auto accessory, however it may not be
priced. If this occurs, it means that this particular accessory item is temporarily
out of stock, and if you are in no hurry, you may like to recheck for this item on a
later occasion.

Statutory Information. Allparts Automotive takes care to ensure that accessory
items catalogued within it's database are correctly presented and that they are
published on this website without mistakes or ommissions. However,
circumstances involving supersessions, changes in production runs by car
manufacturers, rationalisation by accessory producers, and wrong listings in
source documentation, could cause accessory selections within the allparts
website to be incorrect. In these circumstances, allparts takes no responsibility
for liabilities incurred by consequence or by inconvenience, and states that it is
always the responsibility of the Buyer to ensure that the product is fit for the
intended purpose before attachment to a motor vehicle occurs. Should an
incorrect search result cause a consumer to purchase the wrong product, allparts
automotive will refund , the initial purchase price or exchange the product for
another choice, when the incorrect item is returned, unused, and in it's original
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