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About Us

allparts automotive Pty Ltd is an independent Australian owned
Company with in excess of 40 years specialty skills and experience in
both the IT industry and the automotive aftermarket product
distribution chain. The main activities of the business can be
described as a provider of on-line sales lead generation, directories,
and a marketplace host for automotive aftermarket services, parts
and accessories. allparts also acts as a merchant and vendor of new
automotive parts and accessories, in it’s own right.

allparts offers advantages to the consumer, by presenting over
900,000 auto parts listings, for in excess of 8,000 automotive makes
and models, with competitive pricing, and trusted delivery services.
Brands offered by allparts come from respected and experience parts
suppliers and manufacturers, and all new products are supported by
product warranties. allparts automotive also introduces consumers to
both private and commercial vendors, where sources are being
sought for obsolete stocks, new old stocks, and privately offered
second hand automotive products.

The allparts automotive search engine will provide accurate search
results that are based upon the answers provided by consumers.

allparts automotive maintains a data base for most automotive parts
and accessories, along with Handbook Servicing requirements for the
cars on Australian roads. Included on this site are accurate listings
for automotive cooling products, ignition parts, brake parts, engine
parts, exhaust parts, automotive publications, filters, fuel system
parts, spark plugs and leads, clutch and driveline components,
steering and suspension parts, automotive lighting and electrical
parts, performance parts and of course a complete range of popular
accessory products.

allparts automotive promotes major brandlines and quality car parts.

allparts acknowledges and happily complies with all consumer laws
and regulations in the respective States and Territories of Australia
within which it conducts business.

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