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Handbook Servicing

Allparts provides a table for vehicle makes and models that are beyond the makers warranty and service period.
Handbook servicing extrapolates service intervals to 300,000 kilometres. Handbook servicing schedules are advisory,
and not specifically published or authorised by the vehicle makers.
Allparts handbook servicing schedules include a task list which details the actions that are recommended at that
particular interval. DIY maintainers using the handbook servicing guide, should use their own judgement as to the
selection of spare parts in consideration with the operating environment of the vehicle. Handbook servicing recommends
the appropriate lubricants, however, these will be ignored on any order that you place for service items. The lubricants
can be sourced from a local supermarket, or service station. All other spare parts listed in the handbook servicing schedules,
can be ordered via allparts where you can edit at the shopping trolley, and delete items not required.

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